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Animax Asia featured a lot of their works in Blade and Soul

As Blade & Soul is based on the Korean MMORPG of the same name, it comes packed to the brim with its own history, lore, and detailed setting. It is clear that what we are seeing is only a small part of a much bigger, world-spanning story. Not even Alka or Jin Varel are particularly important in the overall scheme of things. But because the world is so well constructed, there are numerous details in every scene that make the world come to life. All in all, it becomes a living, breathing world.


With that inspiration comes a focus on narrative that's also fairly unique to Blade & Soul. NCSoft community director Omeed Dariani recently told Polygon that the game's lengthy story - which has the player trying to avenge the death of their master - will be enough to take players from level one to the current level cap of 45 without the need to do any side content. The journey will take players across four in-game continents, only two of which will be unlocked at the start.


Anyways, this was like a massive heart attack that left the studio basically crippled. Absorbed by its parent company, Gonzo is now a sad shell of itself. They didn’t stop trying and they still push out some anime from time to time. The quality of their work has dropped though and, compared to other more dominant studios, they don’t put up quite a fight. They are being silently phased out as the industry keeps on moving forward. It’s a sad thing because I did grow up with like Gonzo.


Animax Asia featured a lot of their works that TPAB watched growing up. After InuScissors and the vile Zettai Bouei Leviathan, you just know Gonzo needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery though. The game itself was first released in 2012 by NCSoft and Team Bloodlust to a Korean market and has slowly made the jump to foreign markets with a possible English release in the future. It came out in Japan on the twentieth of May, about seven weeks after the anime debuted so as to generate enough hype and interest to the lucrative Japanese market.


Gonzo, the animation house behind the show, has a lot of lore and source material to work from as well as most of the basic character designs for the classes and factions already tried and tested in the game mechanic. I just look at that picture above guys. That is just cheap as hell background animation. And this isn't like normal in-between animation which I think we all know is bad. That particular image was a static background to a scene where Alka freaking walks through that alley. Want to see what it looked like when they changed the camera angle to one following Alka from behind during this same scene?


On the surface, Blade & Soul may appear to be a fan service anime based on the Korean MMORPG (massively multi-online role playing game) of the same name, which was nothing more than an effort to generate interest for the programme before it hit Japan’s shores in mid-May 2015. However, the show takes a much deeper look into an adventure from the life of an emotionless executioner into someone who now tries to redeem herself through the lessons of a fallen master.


After this first episode, I’m finding it hard to recommend Blade & Soul as a show. While the plot has some potential, it’s currently little more than a dressed-up revenge plot. The character designs are inconsistent, and the dialogue is stupid at best. Unless the show makes sharp improvements in the near future, it’s likely that the Blade & Soul will struggle to reach mediocrity, let alone greatness.

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