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Blade and Soul has a high action element

What really put me into playing Blade and Soul is the very intense fighting style and unique animations that set it apart from other online games of the same genre. If you're looking for a game that is action-packed similar to your favorite movies with a lot of kung-fu stuffs and alike, then Blade and Soul will satisfy your cravings for such a game. Each class has its own characteristic, fighting style and skills. So you should know beforehand what one does to match your own.

Speaking on the element of revenge, it is probably safe to say that everyone has been wronged by another at some point in their lives. And it's probably safe to say that we have each wanted to have some sort of revenge, to get back at that person. Blade & Soul looks at this element through the eyes of various characters and asks, if you have the opportunity to take revenge, will it make anything better? Will it bring back what you once lost?

Will those who love and care for you be happy for you? Or would those involved want you to lower yourself to that level? And taking revenge, what will that do to those around the person you are taking it from? If there's an eye for an eye, in the end, both people lose their sight. While Blade & Soul has a high action element, it also delves into deeper philosophical issues that were more prevalent in the time of the sword than it is today.

While this first episode shows promise for a greater adventure, there is much to be done before the Blade & Soul can be considered “passable.” The plot, at this point, is paper-thin. The grand trappings and pseudo-political backdrop do little to hide the fact that the show's core premise is “Palam is bad, Alka is good.” The pacing is uneven, as it swings wildly from adrenaline-pumping action, to painfully dull expository scenes that feel like they have little place in the current context. The dialogue is poorly written, and the several attempts of levity and humor fall utterly fall flat.

With initial character creation giving players access to multiple hair styles, facial structures, eye color, height, and body sliders, B&S has one of the most well developed character creation systems of any MMORPG to date. Take your character on a quest for revenge as they try to defeat evil, with themes and cutscenes that come straight out of a classic martial-arts film. As she is rarely the focus of the episode, Alka often seems like a supporting role in her own story. However, what is important is how these various self-contained stories affect and change Alka.

At the start, Alka is an empty, emotionless shell. She knows how to kill and has the assassins' code to live by. She's not even after vengeance against her master's killer for any other reason than the code demands it-she has no emotional stake in the whole endeavor. Thus, the anime as a whole is Alka's journey from walking tool of death into a thinking, feeling person-from “blade” to “soul” if you will. The tragedies and rare successes she witnesses change her, prompting her to contemplate and grow. Of course, while opening up to your emotions can be a powerful, wonderful thing, Alka also discovers the crippling emotional pain that comes as the flip side of the emotional coin.

Overall, I feel this anime does not do any justice in promoting the game it's based off of. They cut corners with animations, they cut corners with visuals, the plot doesn't present much that isn't typical in Kung-Fu, Action and Oriental themed films and the musical presentation is too grand for its own good. The whole premise could have been tolerable if the action scenes were more lively and constant, but without that to help things along, B&S anime doesn't have much going for it.

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