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Blade and Soul has an armor slot for one piece

The graphics in Blade & Soul are outstanding. I have to admit that although I am not a hard fans of games, I do like the Asian art style that we see in Eastern MMOs, and graphically Eastern titles impress me more and more and Western titles seem to just be playing it safe. I had mentioned earlier.

In Blade & Soul, you have a weapon slot and accessories such as rings etc. but you only have one armor slot which changes your full characters appearance. “Free to play means something different in every game,” Omed Dariani, Director of Community and Social for NCSOFT, told iDigitalTimes at E3 2015. “The main thing is we don’t want to gate anything. We don’t want restricted content. We don’t plan to charge for expansion packs or DLC or anything like that.”

The storyline is the same for every race that I have played, so it is safe to assume everyone will start with the same storyline and trail off based on their class choices, when you do start you will not see a bunch of new characters like most games in a starting zone, your area is specifically for you, so it saves you from having to see a cluttered mess of names and characters while you learn the controls of the game. My personal favorite has been the Destroyer class, however I have played the Summoner, and Force Master Class’s as well.


The conversation focused on some of the unique features of the game like wind walk - "if you've every seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when they glide across the lake or if they kind of bounce around in the bamboo you have similar sort of movement activities within the game" and the soul shield that conveniently removes buffs and bonuses from what you wear so that you're free to express yourself through your threads without compromising your playstyle.

The premise of Blade & Soul is that there are two Martial Arts Factions that are both sworn to wipe out evil. The conflict has come because the two factions cannot agree as to how they should go about wiping out this evil. Characters in the game are not only fighting against each other but are also training at the same time and learning new skills and moves along the way. The two factions are the Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion. Beyond the battles between these two factions, the evil forces are made up of the Stratus and the Talus. Their own war has thrown the world of this game into quite a bit of turmoil.

The Cerulean Order is the most militant of the fighting factions that are trying to put the world back together. Each class has a certain difficulty to it but then again, in an MMO you should play the class that suits you best and also the class that looks the most fun to play. It’s still a personal choice. There are 2 factions: The Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion. They both want to destroy evil but they have another way of thinking how the realm should operate. The Cerulean Order wants a more controlled and structured environment while the Crimson Legion believes in a realm where all beings can live freely with less rules and control.

This is where the tension in Blade and Soul's aspirations to be an MMO and a highly competitive fighting game is at its worst. And where I wish that the entire MMO aspect could be made optional or done away with entirely. If the PvE and leveling were actually fun, I might be more forgiving of the way PvP is held hostage until you've invested several dozen hours grinding your character to level 45. But as it is, I just can't imagine many of the competitive players Blade and Soul could attract are going to look kindly on investing that time before they can even get to the good part of the game.

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