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Blade and Soul has had a lot of new content added in Korea

Blade and Soul is NCsoft’s tribute to the amazing martial arts genre, offering exciting action combat that is admittedly inspired by films such as House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This is a game that features a beautiful world to explore and plenty of amazing cutscenes and impressive bosses to fight. Special moves like wall running are also part of the deal.


While Blade & Soul steers clear of the most common current anime clichés, that doesn’t mean the story is completely original-far from it. How many times have you seen the “student must avenge the master’s death” plot, after all? Moreover, each of the self-contained episodes have a story that is at least somewhat familiar. The world of Blade & Soul is basically that of your average samurai/western work-i.e., a wandering main character travels across the frontier, getting involved in complex situations where there is no concrete good or evil to be found.


If you have ever watched the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone or the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa, you probably know what kind of tone and plot to expect in Blade & Soul. And what waits beyond level 45? As you may expect from an MMO that's technically been out for three years already, Blade & Soul has had a lot of new content added in Korea. While quality of life and gameplay balance improvements will be implemented at launch for North America, many of the story updates and new areas will be coming later on, with NCsoft promising lots of continued content for the game in the months after launch.


If you're a regular here at then you should have noticed that I stopped updating my website right after Blade & Soul was released in South Korea. I like to consider myself more of a gamer than a writer. Whenever I play a game that I really enjoy, I end up spending a lot of my time in that game until I burn out, which is what happened with Blade & Soul. I played this game hardcore for two months straight with ten hour long gaming sessions each day.


There are a lot of massively multiplayer video games out there. A lot rely on typical fantasy stereotypes and frameworks and resort to using these fundamentals in order to generate fast sales with little character and unique selling points. You know the kind; a big world full of miscellaneous magic and weapons and some kind of evil empire dominating the universe at large. Occasionally that game world makes the jump to an animated format in order to add some coherence to another expansive world. Enter Blade and Soul’s anime adaptation and let’s see whether this is a legendary item or a glitchy mess.


And it just snowballs from there. It gets so bad that one episode had a montage of Alka walking around the land and in one part of the montage, the screen is panning and there is just this random schmuck walking around carrying a sack on his shoulder. Why am I bringing up this random guy? Because he was walking in place. What I mean is he was doing a walking animation, but he wasn't moving anywhere. On top of this is things like odd looking character faces, some of the worst flames I've seen in a long ass time in anime, and well, just poor ass animation all around, really.


Because of its highly action-oriented combat, Blade & Soul also has a highly popular PvP arena, which attracts many enthusiastic players eager to test their mettle against one another. However, each region has altered the arena rules, greatly affecting how matches play out. The Korean version of the arena treats it almost like a fighting game, and balances each fighter's stats so that they all fight on the same competitive level. The Chinese version does not, and allows players of differing levels to compete against one another. The Western version of the arena is based on the Korean arena model.

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