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Blade and Soul is now incorporating a premium membership system

If you're reading this, chances are you haven't played one of the foreign Blade & Soul releases. The game made its way outside of Korea and into Taiwan, China, and Japan in the past year and a half, and it's finally on its way here -- but the game may not fit what the average Western MMO player wants. Blade & Soul is a game that has a lot going for it, but has one glaring issue that I feel is going to ruin the game for a lot of Western gamers: It's PvP heavy. The game's combat is perfectly tuned to duke it out with other players -- and in some ways, I feel it's as fast and fluid as it is for that reason.

The dungeons are fine and dandy, but the PvE aspects of Blade & Soul feel nowhere near as rewarding as playing your character well when trying to survive in the wild or going head to head in the arena. Blade & Soul is also incorporating a premium membership system to grant unique quality-of-life benefits to players. The first tier of membership requires purchase with cash or NCoins, and rewards buyers with an experience and currency drop rate boast, as well as a cosmetic effect for their Windwalk skill. Windwalk is a movement technique that allows players to dash around the environment.

Higher tiers offer better perks, and these can be reached by making purchases with NCoins or the free currency. The localization team is also working on some preorder packs for Western fans. The plan is to have three packs with three different price points. The contents of each pre-order pack have not been finalized yet, but they will grant buyers access to the Blade & Soul closed beta test during the fall. Maybe I should point out that the environment in neither picture is how Blade and Soul's environment normally looks. And these are just two examples of how piss poor the animation gets in the second half of the show.

In the first half, the animation is rather good. It made the action scenes very fun to watch and as a result made them the only real highlights of the first 7 episodes. The show follows the adventure of this assassin girl named Alka. She wants to avenge her master that was killed by the Flower Monks of the Palam Empire. She was setup as killing her master and the Flower Monks even put up a bounty on her head to rub salt in the wound. The Flower Monks needed to kill the Clan of the Sword for their plans and Alka is the last remaining member of this clan. Alka travels the land meeting up with people who also hate the Palam Empire and the anime actually follows the blood soaked journey of our hero.

The initial premise is basically about an emotionless girl, trained to be a cold blooded assassin, and is thrust into the world full of misery and death. She only has one goal in mind: to kill the woman who killed her master. Unaffected by everything around her, Alka soon realizes that revenge is something not to be taken lightly. Often, fan service episodes happen midway through the series. They tend to be a way to give a lighthearted break after some major climax. Of course, in a show as serious and dark as Blade & Soul, having a fan service episode midway through the series would destroy the tone and interrupt the carefully crafted thematic exploration. Fortunately, the series' creators realized this and thus put the fan service episode at the end of the series. So you get the whole serious tale uninterrupted and then finish it all off with a silly epilogue. If we have to have an episode like this, I'm glad to see it put after the end where it can do no harm.

At the end of the day, Blade and Soul: The Animation is meant to be used to sell its parent game. Has it sold me? No. I actually took a look at the game's website and found it to be much better looking than the anime in question. It did the job of convincing me that it was a decent game. Unfortunately I have little time to play massively multiplayer games these days but I'd certainly pick it up for a little bit if I had the hours to kill. It didn't need an animated version as far as I'm concerned; just a better marketing campaign in general. Alka and her narrative did not engage me and it feels like a waste of time; just go play the game when it comes out.

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