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Blade and Soul is often a quite dark anime

Blade and Soul online will give you a gaming experience that will allow you to launch deadly combo attacks sending your opponent into the air that can be followed through by a deadly finishing blow that will send him back to the ground. Similar to any games that uses combo attacks, any player should memorize the key combinations. Note that this does not exclude the right [RB] and left click [LB] on your mouse. But do not worry, the keys that you need to press will appear on-screen but you really need to be fast coz' you need these keys to be pressed at the right time.

The Clan of the Sword was known across the land. They were a group of assassins hired out to kill whoever it may be, from a person owing a debt to rulers and monarchs. The brightest, and most efficient of the assassins was Alka. After the death of her master Hon by the female assassin, Jin Varel, Alka made it her mission seek revenge for her slain master. But the Clan of the Sword, known for their butterfly markings, are now hunted for the bounties on their heads.

While searching for Jin Varel, Alka meets various people along her journey, each imparting new lessons on life and reflections on her past and future. Will Alka be able to find, and defeat, Jin Varel and leave her past behind (as her master wanted), or will she be overcome by the ghosts of her past and continue to wander the world covered in a cloak of despair? The deal goes south, as two Palam soldiers are left dead, and one survivor returns to relay the message.

That night, fire rains down upon the village. The news that Alka was in the village drew out the most vicious of the Palam forces, who would massacre every man, woman and child save Morii and Alka. By the time the fires went out, there was nothing left. The happy homes and green fields were little more than cinders. Morii, grief-stricken, knows not what to do. Alka tells her story, of a Palam soldier that killed her master, and burdened her with false charges. Together, Alka and Morii have one real choice: to take down the ones who wronged them, and to find their own peace in this vicious world.

Simply put, each episode in the series is built around exploring an aspect of the series' major theme: vengeance. Thus this anime looks at the victims of vengeance, causes of vengeance, the cycle of vengeance, the losses caused by vengeance, and brutal ways to attain vengeance-just to name a few sub-themes. And as you'll learn rather quickly from watching, vengeance never works out for the better-not for anyone involved. Because of this, Blade & Soul is often a quite dark anime.

Alka is an assassin and she travels the land trying to look for her master's killer. Framed of the crime, the last member of the Clan of the Sword must fulfill her code and take revenge. As she travels, she meets a bunch of interesting people with their own stories full of tragedy and revenge. Alka has her hands full though because it turns out that her master's killer is one formidable foe.

Blade & Soul utilizes many standard MMORPG gameplay conventions. It doesn't reinvent the wheel when it comes to undertaking quests, forming parties, or pillaging dungeons. What makes the game unique is its energetic action combat system. Unlike action MMO titles like Vindictus or TERA, Blade & Soul makes good use of its targeting system to both simplify and expand your combat options during battle. Rather than giving you a massive bar of hot-keyed abilities, Blade & Soul's techniques chain into one another like combos.

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