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Blade and Soul may appear to be a fan service anime

In Blade & Soul, you'll take part in epic martial-arts action, fighting evil at every turn with your vast array of physical and mystical abilities. All warrior have it within them to fight evil, but the two factions have different views on how to go about that task. The Cerulean order believes that only order and unity will prevail, while the Crimson Alliance puts its faith in individuals to know the best way to fight.

In my opinion, Blade and Soul and its story is something that could be told in a two hour OVA to coincidence with a Japanese release of the game instead of a twelve episode season. Granted you can expand on the lore of the world of the Wind Empire in this extra time but it leads to the show feeling extremely padded out and boring. I kept finding myself checking how far into the episode I was in and wanting the episode to end. By the middle of the first episode I was so bored of what I was seeing and wished for things to get going properly. The anime's problem is that it has little innovation behind it.

It's your run-of-the-mill adventure fantasy with ancient Asian mysticism garnishing its universe and the usual tyrannical Empire who will stop at nothing for total domination. Same old, same old. It doesn't help that I can't really relate to the characters. In the early episodes, characters die suddenly after being formally introduced potentially leaving audiences confused and disappointed. It's a shame because there were a few people that had some personality and it would've been nice to see them develop, unlike our main character.

This is the first of the sub-patterns that make up the overall main pattern the show follows for most of its episodes. In Blade and Soul nearly every named character not in the main cast dies the episode they are the focus in. It got so bad that after a few episodes whenever a new character was introduced I instantly knew they would be in a pool of their own blood by the end of the episode. This made it insanely hard to care about said side characters, because I knew they would not be around long enough for me to care about them.

On top of that, for many of them, they barely even get any screen time in their focus episode so they barely have any characterization as well. For all intents and purposes they are just walking, talking bags of blood. However all consuming the Impurity may be, it is still vulnerable to one symbol, Alka's butterfly. This pink imprint upon her pale skin symbolizes the one emotion which is able to defeat that power - love. It is obvious from the beginning that our assassin cannot use the gift since her master told her to be an empty pool so that she could kill more efficiently.

But as the story continues and she learns of the effects of those murders then attempts to redeem herself, her heart starts to open to the concept of forgiveness. It is only when she has accepted it, does her brand open and allows Alka to spread her openness and defeat that sickness. On the surface, Blood & Soul may appear to be a fan service anime based on the Korean MMORPG (massively multi-online role playing game) of the same name, which was nothing more than an effort to generate interest for the program before it hit Japan's shores in mid-May 2015. However, the show takes a much deeper look into an adventure from the life of an emotionless executioner into someone who now tries to redeem herself through the lessons of a fallen master.

While cash shop functionality and premium perks may raise a few eyebrows, their execution and effects in game have yet to be seen. If nothing else, the three-year gap between Korean and Western launches has served to polish and enhance the game proper. Blade & Soul has received a wealth of new story content, balance updates, and class improvements that have transformed it into a much more rounded game, which Western audiences will benefit from.

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