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Blizzard is working hard to eliminate WoW Classic layering system

Blizzard has taken to the official World of Warcraft forums to comment on the reported WoW Classic Layering abuse. Since Classic’s launch, there have been various reports of players being able to swap the newly introduced layers at will, which could affect Classic’s economy and other aspects of the game. Players have suggested that a few people were able to exploit the layer system in order to farm thousands of materials, but according to Blizzard, this isn’t the case and even the most-popular Classic realms don’t have enough layers to pull this off.

The debate around the legitimacy of layering abuse has raged not long after the launch of WoW Classic. More and more players are exploiting the system by changing layers on the same server. Players using this exploit can finish quests faster, or worse, quickly farm herbs or mineral veins. Blizzard addressed this issue in a forum post on Thursday September 5th, downplaying the impact of layering abuse.


The first player to hit level 60 was Jokerd and he exploited layering.  Players who exploited the system were joining groups in different layers. This allowed them to fight the same mobs over again without waiting for them to respawn. Doing it this way meant they were receiving more experience points which meant they could level faster. Naturally, Blizzard was going to find this problematic. By the way, is the professional world of warcraft classic gold store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

Abusing layering in this way is certainly cheating. It goes against the spirit of WoW Classic. Blizzard has cracked down on anything which would ruin the authentic Classic experience. They’ve already stated they’ll add restrictions to the Classic LFG add-on. Classic LFG worked similar to retail WoW’s looking for group feature which means it helped players find people for group content.

Blizzard is working hard to eliminate the Layering system, Blizzard said the Layering will only be used for a couple of weeks or maybe a month at the start of Classic WoW, in order to balance the huge influx of players in the same zones.

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