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Create games and code with Roblox

A phenomenon that has become extremely popular in recent years and also exciting for media education is the game portal Roblox. Here, the players can not only play the games offered, but also design their own 3D worlds in sandbox mode, create new games and publish the results online. Free teaching materials also provide an introduction to game programming. Reason enough to take a closer look at the offer.

Roblox is initially an online gaming platform, on which numerous games are available. Actually, Roblox sees itself as a community for players who realize their own ideas and make their own creations available to the community. "At Roblox, everyone can give their imagination free rein, get creative, and have fun with friends," it says (somewhat euphorically) in self-expression.

To create your own games is the free "Roblox Studio" its own game engine available, which is easy to understand designed and thus intuitive to use. For the programming of games and plug-ins the Skritsprache "Lua" can be used.

Obviously, this concept is well received, and so the platform that was released in 2006 has experienced a veritable boom in recent years. The Süddeutsche headlines that Roblox is "the game that kids are more interested in than YouTube", referring to US user numbers from 2017.

There are Roblox applications for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and Roblox Studio editor software is available for PC and Mac. Incidentally, the name derives from "robot blocks", because similar to Minecraft, pixel blocks are also used here.

The Roblox Studio is a classic sandbox environment that uses a graphical interface to create your own game worlds. We tested this child-friendly game design concept online with the SIN-Studio children's computer club. Our club members meet once a week to get creative and play together. As Roblox games were increasingly played in recent months, we launched a project to create our own Roblox games in the spring of 2019.

To design these games only Internet-enabled PCs or Apple computers are required, also Roblox user accounts must be created. These consist only of usernames and password, an e-mail address does not have to be specified. After logging in, the softwa.

There are many violent games available on the game portal, including shooters, action and war games. The presentation is always kept in the abstract comic style, yet the content of the offers are not always child-friendly.

Last but not least, Roblox can also become a classic "cost trap", since real money can also be used to buy objects. In general, we should always keep in mind that Roblox Corp. is a commercial provider that does not provide the free educational materials for charitable reasons. offer Cheap Roblox Robux for gamers with 100% Safety Guarantee for all platforms. Buy Safe Roblox Robux for Sale for your Jailbreak and other hot games.

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