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Even at its best Blade and Soul story is above average

With an English version of Blade & Soul announced, I decided it's about time that I write a comprehensive review of the game. Blade & Soul Online is one of the top games in South Korea right now and the games' hype doesn't seem to be dying down. Are you planning on playing this game once it is released in the West? Then you've come to the right place because I will be going through every single detail of the game ranging from tutorials, tips, hints, insights, and pretty much everything I can think of.

That side content will, of course, still be there. Blade & Soul will include completely optional player-versus-player activities, as well as dungeons for teams of two, four or six players. The end-game will include a giant 24-person raid. All of the dungeons will include cross-server lobbies to make finding parties easy. As a game focused on martial arts, Blade & Soul's combat is much smoother and faster than that in many other MMOs. There is no traditional targeting lock-on, and players must play relatively, no matter which of the six classes they take on. There's no healing class, and no class focused on a pure support role.

In addition to solo quests, Blade & Soul also offers challenging dungeons for groups of four or six players. In four-player dungeons, the bosses hit harder and have more health, in addition to the challenge of having fewer players, but greater rewards can be obtained. Even the clothes you wear can have an effect on gameplay, signaling your allegiance to a faction - and marking you as an enemy to members of the opposing faction.

Of course, just because you have seen much of it before doesn't mean it's bad. Rather, this familiarity allows the series to tell complete, complex stories in just 22 minutes-and still manage to develop Alka and the other reoccurring characters on top of that. This is a very exciting game that offers some fast-paced combat, a few likeable characters, a character creation system capable of creating extremely diverse and detailed avatars, collectable outfits, and an astonishing artistic style that makes Blade and Soul look different from any other MMORPG out there. An exciting addition to the action MMORPG genre.

Blade and Soul does have some good stuff going for it. Its main villainous dictatorship, the Palam Empire, isn't dedicated to wiping out the kingdom or seizing blind control. It has a plan in which to use the wealthy arable land and turn a profit; at last, bad guys who have financial and practical skill! I will give the writers credit for that at least. Also the lack of blatant fan service is somewhat refreshing [at least for now]. Yes, Alka and many of the main characters are quite well endowed but there are very little moments where they're ‘posing' for the fans and instead are acting as they would normally. Showing such restraint is commendable and worth noting. As for the artwork, it's alright but inconsistent.

So to answer the question, is Blade and Soul one of the best shows of the season that everyone should be watching? HELL NO! Of the 33 shows I have watched this season it is easily the worst one. I will admit that the story, particularly Alka's part of it, does get better in the second half of the show, but the trade off is the animation quality plummets. And the animation just gets so damn bad that it is very distracting at times and while the story gets better, it still isn't world class material. It certainly isn't like to the level of say Wake Up, Girls were I could overlook its poor animation because of a really strong story and characters.

Even at its best Blade and Soul's story is above average, and an above average story can't override shitty animation. And what truly sucks is that this show had some potential to be a possibly good show, but it just never hits the right balance it needed to to reach that goal. As such the only real value I can find in Blade and Soul is it makes me truly appreciate the holy hell out of the shows better than it. And that's the only way I'd recommend this show, to let people appreciate the best of the best by seeing one of the worst of the worst.

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