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Fans of Japanese anime will love the character design

Blade & Soul Review A new MMO that combines fighting game combos with multiplayer mechanics has arrived. But is Blade & Soul worth investing time into? Free-To-Play MMO’s are ten a penny in this day and age with titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter trying to capitalize on the popularity of subscription or one-time payment MMO’s. But these titles have always been under severe criticism due to their micro-transactions and their balance between free content and paid for add-on.

With that said however, Blade & Soul tries to break away from the recent streak of bad FTP MMO’s and attempts to bring something new to the table with an in depth combat system as well as a new world to explore. Graphically the game is very good for a MMORPG, the high detail in each NPC which have been built in a similar system used to create your own character results in any very clean connection where the NPC generally don’t look out of place next to your player, as you can see in the screen shots things like shadowing etc are spot on also but sometimes the ground is a little depth however when you think about the size of the world these things are to be expected.

Senior Vice President of Publishing of NCSOFT West John Burns says "The sheer enthusiasm - not to mention volume - of North American and European players that have jumped into Blade & Soul since launch has been tremendous.” The free-to-play online game has also found some notice in Japan. An anime series based on Blade & Soul aired there in early 2014. No one wants to be chatty in group dungeons. Barely anyone even says “hello” or “goodbye” in groups.


There's a constant infusion of new outfits in the cash shop, as that's where Blade & Soul looks to make the most of its money. That also ends up being one of the drawbacks as some costumes are only available through random games of chance, or even worse, are random drops from purchasable boxes on the cash shop. The latter is what has the Western fanbase mostly up in arms. (It would also be cool if BNS offered a costume dye system at all.)

They just form up, complete their dungeon objectives with no coordination whatsoever, and then leave. Hopefully people work together a bit more in later levels. As of the time of writing, it's almost impossible to carry on a conversation in many of the game-wide chat channels as they're crammed with gold spammers hawking their illicit wares. It was initially possible to get past the worst of it by leveling a bit, but now the spammer hordes choke up the lines even several hours in. Presuming you can get in. Several days in, the login queues remain obscene, sometimes even with the premium plan that sorts you into a shorter line.

Overall Blade and Soul is just above average as an MMO and it is easy and shallow enough in the PVE parts to attract a wide audience, which shows, as it has been highly popular on Twitch TV since its release, and not just because of the bizarre physics on the female characters. Fans of Japanese anime will love the character design! If you can look past some of the technical and game mechanics flaws it is a fun game to play but not one to replace your favorite MMO with long term due to its casual nature, though for some people this is a good thing. With Black Desert Online on the horizon though, will Blade and Soul survive?

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