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Far Cry 6 has now been delayed

Far Cry 6 Credits Originally fans of the franchise would have gotten their hands on Far Cry 6 in February 2021 but that has now been delayed. Ubisoft's announcement cites production challenges related to COVID-19 as the reasoning something the industry has been dealing with for months now and it's likely not the last game to be delayed.

Duguet said the developer and publisher "moved Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine to 2021-22 to leverage their full potential" after those challenges arose.

While Far Cry 6 was the centerpiece of a recent Ubisoft show all we’ve really seen about it up to this point is the cinematic trailer which stars Anton Castillo the primary villain. We’ve not even heard anything concrete about Rainbow Six Quarantine in a while — I at first assumed the company was holding back due to the rather unpleasant implications of the name in the year 2020.

Pushing this back even if just a couple of months will let players refresh their palettes before moving onto the next open-world Ubi title and on top of that this is likely extra testing and development time. Sometimes things get missed such as the Watch Dogs Legion 404 bug and this means a more polished game upon launch. After all while this may seem like it's months away Far Cry 6 Silver Bars video game development is no easy task. Combine this time to polish with the distance from similar Ubi titles and Far Cry 6 has the room it needs to breathe and hopefully succeed.

Ubisoft's fall slate of releases still includes the recently released Watch Dogs: Legion (review here) and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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