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Home > NEWSNexon America revealed their latest game KartRider: Drift during XO19

Nexon America revealed their latest game KartRider: Drift during XO19

We’ll be getting a new KartRider game next year as Nexon America revealed their latest game KartRider: Drift during XO19. The game will basically be a modern-day version of the original with a number of new mechanics and racers for you to play with. The game will offer cross-platform playability, but right now all we know is that it will also be available on PC. The devs will be holding a closed beta, which will run from December 5th-6th.

KartRider screeched onto the scene in 2004, boasting over 300 million players across Asia and sparking an esports craze for the game in Korea. Now, it's coming to Xbox One and PC and will introduce Western fanbases to the intuitive and unique racing experiences. There’s something for everyone with three modes, including Time Attack for rookies and a breakneck Speed Mode, which uses “hard-to-master drifting techniques for players looking for a greater challenge.” In addition, players are encouraged to express their personality with extensive customisation options from their kart to their character design. And if you want to buy KartRider Drift Coins, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.


Nexon has an ambitious post-launch content strategy for KartRider: Drift, integrating “evolving seasonal updates” for a “stellar” online and competitive world. The KartRider: Drift closed beta begins on December 5 in North America and December 6 in Europe, and interested players will be able to sign up on the official website.

Launched in 2004, KartRider is a massively popular multiplayer racing franchise that boasts more than 380 million PC players. Making its debut to western audiences, KartRider: Drift takes inspiration from earlier iterations of the game, delivering drift-fueled racing action, featuring different game modes, and deep customization. Available on Xbox One, including Xbox One X, Steam and Nexon Launcher (PC), KartRider: Drift offers cross-platform capabilities to challenge friends regardless of the platform they choose.

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