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Premium members received bonuses based on a tiered membership system

It’s been a while since I played an MMO (World of Warcraft was my poison of choice), and while Blade & Soul differentiated itself in some interesting ways during my short time with an early localized build, not much has changed since the last time I talked to an NPC with an exclamation point over his head. I get quests, I explore big open spaces sprinkled with fantastical beasts, and I click them to death until someone wants to give me a reward.

This might sound like nitpicking to some of you, but really; this is the sort of thing Blade & Soul keeps doing for more than half of its runtime, with Alka mostly standing around saying little to nothing, ending more lives than she does sentences. It makes the whole thing a bit jarring when the show chooses to start moving again, and Alka snaps into focus hard enough to whiplash even the sleepiest viewer, and the remainder of the show is spent on her almost literally awakening and wallowing in angst, and even then, the general tone of the show changes from episode to episode, as the people Alka meets rarely last a single one.

Finally and without digressing too much, I’d like to know why you want to play Blade and Soul. Are you bored of the current crop of MMO’s? Is it simply the prospect of a new game that’s attractive or is it specifically the classes available and the combat that’s on offer? Whatever your reason, do let me know below. While you’re at it, if you fancy joining me and helping me formulate my Blade and Soul review (NCSoft will soon be asking how I’ve made use of my time!) then I’d love your help.


The premium membership system being implemented especially for the Blade And Soul NA release serves as an example of this philosophy. Premium members received bonuses based on a tiered-membership system. Advancing through the tiers requires playtime, not pay time, and offers no competitive advantage or special access. Free players can earn an in-game equivalent to NCoin and access many of the same items. The goal, said Dariani, is to maximize the number of players who are playing together.

There are seven different classes in the game and each class has a few races that are attached to it. The first is the Blade Master. Among other attacks, this class has the Flock of Blades technique, which allows them to summon a flurry of flying swords to overwhelm their enemies. The Yun and the Jin can be Blade Masters. The Destroyers are made up only of the Gon and their biggest attack is when they actually hurl their enemies at other fighters.

The Summoners, made up of the Lyn can transfer health points back and forth and can even revive their fallen allies. The Force Masters can either be Yun, Lyn or Gon and can wield either fire or ice as their prime attacks. Not taking queue lengths, which are massive right now, into consideration, the game gets a solid 4/5 rating. The game has pleasant graphics, a character creation and armor system that gives freedom and a fluid combat system. The only down side really is the combat lag some players are experiencing.

Blade & soul is a martial arts MMO that focuses on action-based combat system in the world of kung fu fighting. The story is all about your master being defeated in an epic battle against some dark forces which stole the master’s weapon. Your job is to avenge your master and get the sword back. The storyline found its roots in the typical Wuxia genre, a Chinese fiction based storyline where a “martial hero” goes on an adventure. An anime of Blade & Soul has been produced alongside the game.