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Rocket League Blueprint Prices Slashed After Blowback

Last week Rocket League developer Psyonix made good on their promise to remove loot crates from the game, replacing them with “Blueprints” that allowed players to purchase cosmetics directly. Sounded good in theory, but the prices were out of control – Psyonix was charging as much as 2300 credits, or $20 plus in real money, for single items. By comparison, Rocket League’s old loot crates were semi randomized, but the keys you needed to open them and unlock items cost a flat fee of 100 credits. In other words, for the 2300 credits Psyonix was now asking for a single item, you could’ve previously bought 23 keys that would get you 23 items.

Rocket League recently had the loot boxes removed, with Blueprints and an Item Shop instead so you see exactly what you get but the pricing is terrible. As someone who has hundreds of hours in Rocket League, Psyonix really did disappoint with the big update recently. It could have been handled a lot better, but it came across as incredibly greedy. It's a game you have to pay for, yet they wanted us to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Credits for some of the items. And if you want to buy Rocket League decals, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.


Players in the Rocket League subreddit were grudgingly grateful, if not outright skeptical that this wasn’t Psyonix/Epic Games’ plan all along — start the blueprints system at a high enough price and, if the community complained, lower the prices and look like they were doing them a favor.

“You don’t spend months on pricing, only to have ‘the community outrage’ make you change your pricing within seven days of the release,” reasoned redditor eurostylin. Psyonix announced the change to blueprints back in October. One user asked the Psyonix community manager how the original prices were determined. “Sorry, I cannot speak to that,” they replied. “Translation: Epic is now in charge,” said YNSLR.

If you made a purchase between December 4 and December 11, you'll get some Credits back--for instance, if you spent 1200 Credits on an Exotic item that is now down to 700 Credits, you'll get 500 back.

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