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Standard combos and boss combos are usable in Blade and Soul

“Blade and Soul” has a character creation that is somewhat more expansive than many expect when they come into an MMO. There are enough options to make a character that suits you and the style of the game, but not enough options to get truly crazy like “Fallout 4” or “Sims 3.” The majority of players will probably be satisfied with the available options and variations it allows them to create.

I was really looking forward to get my hands on this game but unfortunately the game was set to release in winter 2015 for the Western region. So time passed by and also a lot of other MMORPG’s were released on the market during those couple of years, in other words Blade & Soul faded slowly to the background. Finally, we reached the year 2015, an environment where the titan of MMORPG’s “World of Warcraft” slowly burns out, where other newly released MMORPG’s search their refuge in the free-to-play business and where Blade & Soul will rise back from the deep and learn the gamers all about kungfu fighting.

It’s been three years since I’ve seen the trailer of this new fantasy martial-arts MMORPG from NCsoft called Blade & Soul. During the fights, there are a number of different combos that can be used in order to take down an enemy. Standard combos and boss combos are usable in the game, as well as Conditional Combos, Situational Combos and High Impact Combos are unlockable the more matches and fights you and your character play. Players are able to select one of four different races. With any games like this the personalization aspect is key in getting the gamer engaged and wanting to actually see the story play out instead of hitting the ESC key and skipping every cut scene.

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They can play as either the Gon who are described as “Deliberate” or the “mischievous” Lyn, the “elegant” Yun, and the “industrious” Jin. Each of the four races has a number of different classes that are playable and these classes all have different weapons and abilities that they can carry out during gameplay. With most games I have played, specifically Aion since we are in the realm of NC Soft, their storylines are really interesting and get the player engaged. I love the fact that they have made it so your character looks the same as you created in the cut scenes, unlike other games where you either never see your character or your character becomes generic, making the experiences a little less personal.

The PvP fairs much better than the PvE due to the fine balancing between classes by virtue of the robust PvP scene that has culminated in the popular World Championships for the game in Korea. Each of the seven classes has their own unique approach to combat that feels highly distinctive. Though I initially fell in love with the kungfu master's reliance on combos and counters, I quickly came to prefer the sheer brutality of the destroyer, who wields a massive axe and can choke hold opponents while smashing their face repeatedly.

The arena will normalize your character to fit the Level 45 playing field, but it's better to enter the arena only once you’re level-capped in the first place. Skill when it comes to spacing, attack range, and countering becomes a priority in the arena, which is far better than the standard faction-based PvP that's based on wearing one of a handful of PvP outfits. As more classes are added to the roster in future updates like the warlock, we'll hopefully see an American team that can compete on the world stage in the near future.

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