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The area battles in Blade and Soul are impressive and chaotic

After an initial announcement that it was finally coming to North America last year, NCSoft's kung fu-focused massively multiplayer game, Blade & Soul, goes live for all players today. But according to the publisher, the content at launch is just the beginning of what North American players be able to access in 2016. With the level cap increase to 50 and the addition of the warlock class, Blade & Soul in North America and Europe will be considered "caught up" to other regions for all intents and purposes.

That's important for the game, because NCSoft is pushing it in a direction you may not expect from an MMO: esports. The major difference between races is that you can only choose certain classes when you make your choice. For instance, only Lyn’s may be Summoners and only Gon can use the Destroyer… It’s unfortunate that this is the case, because if you really don’t like the look of these races, then you’ll have to either sacrifice your initial plans if you wanted to run around as a Yun, summoners cat in tow (yes, a cat!).

 find themselves a bit annoyed by being forced to wait to use certain spells until reaching the class quest, where the game hand-holds the player and walks them through proper use of the skill, but this is a rather minor problem that most players will be able to overlook since it only serves as a hindrance once.

On the flipside, you won't need to worry about equipment drops too much, since you will keep your Hongmoon gear throughout the game and feed them weapons and accessories as offerings. Six-man dungeons and field bosses are challenging, especially those in the endgame and in higher difficulty dungeons that limit the group to 4 or 2 players, and well worth the effort in improving your character or gathering cosmetic items (the handy Wardrobe shows all of the costumes available in the game and where to find them).


It’s possibly clever on the part or the lore, where only certain cultures have certain powers, but extremely limiting as a gamer who just wants to create a good-looking character and play how they feel most comfortable. Blade & Soul has a strict class-based system but at least the classes are not gender locked. Consisting of seven classes that more or less conform to ranged, melee, dual weapon, and magic-using fighters, each has a unique system of combos and special abilities that really shine in the unpredictable and challenging PvP arena, where skillful use of abilities, strategy and practiced timing equate with success.

When Blade & Soul is in “fighting game” mode, it’s great fun, especially for an MMO, and the area battles are impressive and chaotic. You can read the impact of a teammate’s strike on an enemy by color and add your move to the chain. Those who are long-time MMO players may

I willingly went through the same dungeon ten or more times just to collect all of gear I needed, and the cross-server dungeon option helps make sure that the process is as painless as possible. It’s great fun to kick an enemy down, pick him up like a limp doll, then finish him off with a series of whirlwind slices and dices.

Blade & Soul’s arrival (it is now up and running in the UK) may not register as highly on the games industry’s Richter Scale as, say, the latest console blockbuster. But for those who love their MMOs, it offers UK gamers a chance to experience a bona fide South Korean phenomenon for the first time. It will be fascinating to see whether it has the chops to make a splash over here, too.

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