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The Blade and Soul world is at the same time diverse and harmonized

When I talk with older anime fans, the biggest complaint I hear is that everything has become nothing but moé, angsty, high school, love-harems. They claim they want exciting action shows with an adult cast and grown-up stories. To those people, I say this: “Blade & Soul is the anime for you.” Blade & Soul is the story of Alka, the last living assassin of the Clan of the Sword. Her mission? Vengeance against the dark, magic-wielding warrior Jin Varel and her companions-the ones responsible for the death of her master.

The art in the game was created by Hyung-Tae Kim, a renowned Korean artist famous for his work in manga and videogames such as the Magna Carta. His visual style mixes the characteristic anime visuals with a sometimes mature flavor, assuring that the Blade and Soul world is at the same time diverse and harmonized. Blade and Soul features six classes: a stealthy Assassin, the lethal Blademaster, the axe-wielding Destroyer, the flexible Force Master, the almighty Kung Fu Master, and the mysterious Summoner. The game offers the usual PvE, but as soon as players join a faction they’ll be able to enter PvP combat.


I do not enjoy shows that this studio produces and they’re often more disappointing than entertaining. That should be their slogan, damn it. Anyways, Blade and Soul is an MMORPG and it’s your standard slash every monster game where players take up quests given out by NPCs. It’s your standard MMORPG by the looks of it. I don’t think it has a story though so I kind of feared for my life when I realized Gonzo would be making up a story for a hack and slash MMORPG. If this was any other studio, I would welcome the idea but common, it’s Gonzo. As an impartial reviewer, I truly believe (and I have yet to find a reason not to believe) that Gonzo sucks. It’s just one of those things.

In this animated tale, we follow the struggle of Alka, an assassin for the Clan of the Sword who is seeking revenge for her fallen master by Jin Valel, an equally strong villainess who is in control of the kingdom of Palam. Along her travels across the world we’re in she encounters three other strong female characters who have their skills with different types of weapons and martial arts. It’s a pretty cut and dry adventure tale; Alka wants revenge. Simple as that. It doesn’t help that we hardly see any of her personality shine through in the initial few episodes. In fact, we don’t get much of anything!

The end credits for Blade and Soul are absolutely beautiful and feature what is easily some of the best CGI animation to ever grace anime. I honestly thought this show would be a shallow, but entertaining action series thanks to the series shooting out of the gate with a surprisingly brutal, but somewhat fun, first episode. But the majority of the series unfortunately falls into a repeating pattern that makes large swaths of the show just boring to watch. This pattern is made up of two different smaller patterns that I'll go into further details below.

Blade & Soul is a subscription-based MMORPG in Korea, and is free-to-play in China. It will also be free-to-play in North America and Europe when it debuts in the West later this year. Blade & Soul will allow players unrestricted access to the game content. NCsoft assures fans that the cash shop won't feature any stat-altering equipment, permanent stat boasts, or unbalanced competitive items. The cash shop will use NCoins, a digital currency used in NCsoft titles like Aion and Lineage, for purchases. Cash shop items are designed around cosmetic and quality of life items, including food, experience potions, costumes, and accessories. These are also available in-game through crafting and other means, but the cash shop affords players more convenient access to them.

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