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The Blade and Soul would not be censored

Life. So complex and so many unknowns. And that begins from the moment of our births. Some are born into lives of luxury and wealth, others born into lives of poverty and struggle, with little hope of moving up in a world which is continually becoming more and more divided in terms of class. Then there are others who embrace the lives they are given, make the most out of their situations and work to become the best they can be. But within each life, each line of work, are struggles and stresses, and how we deal with the consequences of our actions determines who we become. Such is the basis for the latest anime from studio Gonzo: Blade & Soul.

As of this writing, there are six classes that you can choose - blade master, assassin, force master, kung-fu master, summoner and destroyer. These classes are then combine with four types of races - Gon, Jin, Kun and Lyn. If you prefer melee fighting (close range combat) style using swords, knife(?) or with a huge axe then you should choose blade master, assassin or destroyer. If you prefer long range combat mode then you're better off with summoner or force master. But if you prefer hand-to-hand combat kung-fu style fighting mode then choose kung-fu master. Please note that there are skills that allows a melee fighter to launch an attack from a distance.

Blade and Soul is a solid story that finds a way to teach a very Buddhist ideal and at the same time entertain with pretty ladies. I'm not too sure if the pretty ladies helped or hurt the story. I'm going to go with helped for now. I think that there was enough weakness in the writing that there needed to be some eye candy to keep a viewers attention. On the other hand there was plenty of times that the lovely bodies just got in the way of the ethical plot line that was being told. The animation was a little disappointing for Gonzo. I have been a huge fan of their work for many years and for Blade and Soul I found the computer generated animation to be too hard edged and blocky.

I would have loved to see a little more cell shading and smoothing of the characters and backgrounds in many of the more static scene. Despite the broad Western release labeling, cross-region play has not been finalized for Blade & Soul. It is unclear whether or not North American and European fans can play together. Ping is a serious concern because of the level of action and reaction that Blade & Soul demands, so the servers will be located in Dallas, Texas for North America, and Frankfurt, Germany for Europe, as close to the center of each region as possible.

Though not directly related to gameplay, NCSoft adamantly insisted that Blade & Soul would not be censored. Some of the Korean costumes were stylish and risqué, and the Chinese localization altered these to suit the tastes of the region. This won't be the case in North America and Europe.

Thus, while Blood & Soul can be enjoyed on the surface as a dance between scantily clad, beautiful women fighting for their lives, it is also the struggle of one person dealing with the past and how to continue on with her guilt. Mistakes cannot be completely forgiven, but they can be endured and tempered into something stronger which will forge the way into a new tomorrow. If you have the resolve to stoke the fire and then quench what you have wrought, you will emerge with a keener edge which can cleave any misgivings you may now have and guard your future. Alka found that out the hard way, but in the end, she became a better person and an even truer friend.

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