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The classes are pretty spread out with some races having specialized choices

If you love MMOs the dreamy, floaty martial arts style of movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you'll want to check out Blade & Soul. Today, NCSoft announced that almost three years after launching in South Korea and rolling out to the rest of Asia, it's bringing the free-to-play Blade & Soul to Europe and North America, starting with a closed beta this fall and a commercial release this winter. Curiously enough, despite the show’s propensity for fanservice, Karen’s inn is not a haven of prostitutes. Sure, they're there in the city, but their work is mostly alluded to, more of a portrayal of the state of the world rather than played out for titillation.

The world of Blade & Soul has this dry, sand-blasted feel to it, and while I wouldn't call it post-apocalyptic per se, it's got a rather rogue-ish Tatooine feel to it; where law and morality is a huge grey area, and lush, vibrant villages are there to burn as an example of the badness of the Palam empire, the main antagonists of this show. One of the few beacons of light that survives for more than a single episode is a place called Tomon Inn, run by what is probably my favorite character in the show; Karen El. It doubles as a saloon, where people can come and drink their worries away and sample some of the local entertainment.


As someone who has played Guild Wars 2 for the past few years, I’m excited to not only move on to covering something new but to also begin to explore a new world with an exciting combat system. I’ll freely admit that the majority of classes aren’t my cup of tea (I dislike melee) which makes choosing a class particularly difficult. Fortunately the Summoner is right up my street - I adore classes with an AI component and the capability of healing and dealing damage. It’s the perfect class for me and I can’t wait to truly get to grips with it.

The highly anticipated Blade And Soul NA release will be accompanied by a sophisticated free-to-play pricing model designed to encourage players to purchase convenience items in lieu of the more traditional stat and power boost options. It will also introduce a membership program designed to balance cross-play between free and premium players. Blade & Soul's questing system can be summed up in one word... boring. If you have never played an MMO before, then you may be able to see beyond the simplicity of the "kill ten rats" style quest system that Blade & Soul is using, but anyone who has played any MMO before will tire of the system very fast.

With the innovation being made in the Blade & Soul combat system and the high standards set by the games graphics, it was a real disappointment to see how poor the quest system is. There are four different races, these being the Gon, Lyn, Jin and Yun, with the Yun race being comprised on ONLY female. Which is kind of awesome to finally see a game that has an all-female race for once. The classes are pretty spread out with some races having specialized choices, the system is really smart with giving the player a video description of each class in the selection phase to make deciding what you want to play easier.

The Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master can be used with almost every race, the classes that are more race dependent is the Destroyer, Summoner, Assassin and Blade Dancer. With the option of having seven different classes it is easy to say that this game will be easily one that will not get boring for the players who like to explore other classes once they get their first choice to the level cap.

Without other distractions like housing or more in-depth crafting, Blade and Soul feels pretty light. Outside of the PvP, it's just the same grind that's already done much better in other games. If the PvP were more immediately accessible to new players, I don't think that'd be nearly as big of a problem, but Blade and Soul insists on being a derivative MMO first and a great competitive fighting game second.

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