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We have all the information you need to know about the New World Map

Massive multiplayer online role-playing game New World, developed by Amazon Game Studios, is on its way and we have all the information you need to know about the game.

MMORPGs rely on their expansive worlds to add variety to their grinds and give players new places to discover as they set off on their journey. Although New World seeks to do things a bit differently than the established names in the genre, its Map Size and number of territories are no less important to keeping Aeternum interesting in the long run.

Faster crafting thanks to the resource map
You can also personalize the map and adapt it to your needs using your own filters and target points you have set yourself. If you need a certain ore, a plant or an animal, the map can be set up accordingly. It is not yet completely complete, but the maker is still working hard on it.

There was no way that the developers could keep the map secret anymore following the release of the beta, as players needed to know how to get around the world.

This has given fans the first proper glimpse of how the map will work and whether it properly explains and shows locations on the map.

Here are the fourteen territories you can explore:

    Cutlass Keys
    First Light
    Monarch's Bluffs
    Ebonscale Reach
    Weaver's Fen
    Restless Shore
    Great Cleave
    Shattered Mountain

Most territories have a settlement and a fort, which play into both its economy and territory control aspects that see its three factions vying for power. You won't be able to quest in certain places until you've leveled up enough times, but there's plenty of ground to cover in between. You can also place down camps while you're out in the world, which act as a respawn point. Up until level 18, we've only seen five of the fourteen territories.

Alternatively, this fan map also offers a good overview of the resources in the MMO from which you can make your own equipment. According to the developer, crafting should remain relevant throughout the game and later even be able to keep up with endgame loot.

Hopefully by the time the full release is out, players will have seen all the map has to offer and will be thoroughly excited by New World.

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