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WoW Classic: Ninja Looter fights epic item and buys epic mount for it

The print of ninja looting is older than the original version of World of Warcraft. And in WoW Classic, the term is again on everyone's lips through a published story via Reddit. But what had happened and could it actually be Ninja-Looting?

During a dungeon run through the Blackrock Depths in World of Warcraft Classic (buy now for € 12.99), the very valuable and sought-after loot "the Blademaster's Epic Handguards" dropped in as loot. A player now discussed in chat that "all greed" should roll the die. This means that luck should ultimately decide who should receive the item. This call also followed all players of the five-team. Only one player did not stick to the agreement: An officer of the guild Olympus, to which the well-known streamer Asmongold belongs, diced on demand and so he received the coveted gloves without competition. Ironically, this player was also the one who made the "All Greed" announcement in the chat.


To top it all off, the officer was the streamer Royson or Roysun, who finally offered the blade master's handguards to the auction house for 380 to 420 gold. From this gold he bought himself an epic mount. He showed the whole procedure during a livestream. He blithely thanked people for inspiring him to be the biggest troll and then thanked his victims for allowing him the Ninja Looter campaign. Thanks to her work, he could now allow himself to ride around quickly with his new epic mount.

Is this case really Ninja-Looting? After all, all involved simply used only the game mechanics offered by the game. Already in earlier cases Blizzard judged that as soon as arrangements concerning the loot are made, these should also be observed, otherwise a case of ninja looting would be deceptive. In the past, offenders were severely punished in such an offense by Blizzard, because access to the account is then temporarily in danger. It goes without saying that the stolen object itself is deleted.

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